Actor - Singer - Knitter




Well hello there! Welcome to my website! I was born in Alexandria, Virginia and have lived in the Northern Virginia area for most of my life. I have always loved to sing since I can remember, but I didn’t discover my passion for theatre till a little later in life. But better late than never!


I am currently on track to complete my BM in Musical Theatre from Catholic University. I have learned so much about myself throughout my college career, one of which being that I love to knit. I use it as a stress reliever and a very fashionable way to stay warm!


In that same vein, I’ve been using clothing and fashion as form of self-expression other than singing or acting. I purposefully chose my clothing to reflect who I am; it is a physical representation of how I’m feeling that day, whether that be playful or kind of edgy. It's also a great conversation starter!

Keep checking here for updates, or my instagram @bethel_e

 *Musical Theatre Senior Showcase*


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Upcoming Projects!


*Acoustic Rooster's Barnyard Boogie: Starring Indigo Blume*

Directed by Lili-Anne Brown

Kennedy Center TYA (Fall 2020)