Life isn’t always beautiful. Or perfect. So why portray it as such. I believe that great theatre is raw and honest and impulsive. I want to create art that represents life in its truest form.


But life is also playful. It’s easy to fall into the trap of taking life too seriously. I think it’s important to keep that playful side of life alive as well. After all, we are playing pretend.


I am an actor, but I am also so much more than that. It is my goal in life is to be creatively fulfilled through as many types of art as possible. As an artist, I believe that it important to experience and participate in different forms of art. One of my favorite forms of expression is through fashion and style. I use this as another outlet for freedom and inspiration.


I come from a family and experience that is unique to myself, just as everyone’s life experiences are unique to themselves. Rather than try to understand other people’s experiences, many turn to judgement. I believe that it is important to look at others through a lens of intrigue and interest rather than judgement. This also applies to the characters that we as actors explore in each play we bring to life. It is vital to the integrity of a play to dissect a character without judging their actions and personality. By investigating why a character does what they do, it allows for the humanization of the character and a way for the audience to be exposed to people with different perspectives.


As an introvert, when I’m in a room full of extroverts, I can find it hard to get my voice heard. And as someone who has experienced this all my life, I find it imperative to highlight the voices in the world that aren’t typically heard. There are so many perspectives and life experiences that we as a society don’t take the time to educate ourselves on. It is my mission in life make room for people who need it to tell their story, and to work to create a platform that educates others on this.


I’m learning to be more impulsive and take every opportunity to experience something new. In order to be a well-rounded artist, I think that experiencing more of life that is outside your comfort zone is key.